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    Any of the originals on page 2 or the following group of paintings may be reproduced using
    the Giclee method on canvas......  I still have prints on paper that I will sell at a really
    nice price. These items are noted in the red boxes.....

See bottom of Paintings for Sale page for more information on how to contact me.
30 x 22 Paper print
# 94
10 x 8 and 30 x 22   Paper print only
Blues Trio
8 x 8   Paper print only
Jam Session
John Coltrane

15 x 23 Paper print.  Only 1 left
Portland Waterfront
Rural Italy
The Kids
10 x 13 and 20 x 24   Paper prints only
Mt. Bachelor
Lake Como

Have one left on canvas (framed) 14 x 28
and one Print on paper 14 x 28.

    Robert M Lanzarotta
    (360) 546-3454

I now have a new printing company who does Giclee on canvas at
prices lower than ever.  Now you can enjoy a reproduction of any
painting on canvas for prices so low it will amaze you...

It is to hard to quote prices until I know exactly what you are
looking for.  I have some very good buys on inventory that I have
from my previous printer.
(see items marked in red above.)

My special gift offer is the this 15 x 30 print on paper of the  "STREET BAND".   
I am offering this at a reduced price of
 $50.00,  plus shipping.

This print is one of my best sellers so I have purchased it in quantity which allows me to lower the price dramatically.
30 x 24 Paper prints only
Erbsloh Nude 96
Harvest Moon
22 x 30 Paper print only
Greek Village
Blue Moon
Storm - Holland
On the Lake
Dream Land
15 x 30   Paper Print only
Street Band
Clock-Really Last Time
30 x 20 Paper print
11 x 11 Paper print and canvas
To contact me for more information,
fill out form on the bottom of
Paintings for Sale page.