Some of my early work that others
are now enjoying.  This is a path to the present.


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Some of my older work - My goodness how time passes.
30 x 20 Oil
John Lee
38 x 26 Oil
English Church
32 x 36 Oil
Dancing Waters
42 x 58 Oil
Biggest painting I ever did.
Wetzlar on Labn
32 x 42 Oil
Victorian Row
36 x 48 Oil
Miss February
36 x 24 Oil

Sicily  one and two

Sicily one and two
36 x 72 Oil - Diptych
Mt. Jefferson
24 x 36 Oil
Saint Romain
24 x 36 Oil
Lake Como II
20 x 36 Oil
Bohemian Caverns
30 x 20 Oil
Chuck Walk
36 x 24 Oil
Sunday Jam at Jake's
28 x 24 Oil
The Gift
28 x 22 Oil
Tribute to Vargas  
30 x 40 Oil
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My first Gallery sale.

I was so excited to get it in the show that I brought it to the
gallery with a bit of wet paint.  This was a big NO NO.  During
the show, I noticed that one poor lady had paint on her coat and
I knew where it came from.  Never fessed up.

    Robert M Lanzarotta
    (360) 546-3454
Watering Can
20 x 16  - Class project
Teapot for Mom
16 x 12 Oil
The Fight
24 x 36 Oil  -  1st commission
Gammas Honey Jar
22 x 28  Oil
In the Garden
28 x 22 Oil

    This is one of my fun gallery stories.  I was showing at Portland
    Art Museum and as your work sold, you brought new pieces in for
    jury review.  The jury rejected this painting and I was sad.  When
    I picked it up and was leaving the building a lady stopped me on
    the street and ask about the painting.  She bought it.  
    Made my day and I was no longer sad.  

    Make an Artist happy.  
    Buy some of their work.
Gallery 30
24 x 48 Oil
Mountain Hood
24 x 48 Oil
Hill Village
40 x 30 Oil
River Dance
40 x 30 Oil
Bouquet for a friend
24 x 18 Oil
Holy Grail
24 x 16 Oil
Roses for a friend
24 x 18 Oil
Erbsloh Nude
36 x 30  Oil on Hardboard
36 x 24 Oil on Hardboard
28 x 22  - 1st painting on canvas
Cezanne - Cupid
30 x 15 Oil