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Robert M. Lanzarotta artist.   

Painting is my passion in life.  Inspired by the Cubist School of Picasso and Braque, I have
developed my own style that I call Crystalism.  The process starts by using lines, light and
shadows in crystal-like shapes creating a unique look when the painting is viewed from various
angles and light conditions.  These factors ensure years of viewing pleasure without the eye
becoming tired of the piece.

All of my work is created on canvas with oil paint, brush and palette knife.  I take great pride in the
fact that each original piece is unique and never recreated to accommodate demand or
commerce.  I do replicate my work in the form of canvas prints but keep the edition size small.

I have been studying art, art restoration and painting all of my life.  After college, I stopped my
professional activities in art to pursue a career in the computer industry.  In 1990 I sold my
computer business to follow my dream to paint full time.

Intel Corporation
Randall Bateman, Attorney at Law
James Hebe, Mercedes International
Dr. Michael Siege
Dr. David Matthews
Emmert International
Dr. Brad Smit                                     

Shows Over The Years

Maude Kerns Art Center        
Summer Festival                      
Guildford Art League               
Festival of the Arts                   
Resort at the Mountains          
Glass Chameleon Gallery       
1st Avenue Gallery                  
Galleries Over The Years

Gallery 30                           
Beaverton Art Festival          
Rain Dance Gallery                
Portland Art Museum            
Choices Gallery                    
Attic Gallery                          
Glass Chameleon Galley  
Rage Gallery                        

Maude Kerns Art Center        
Guildford Art School       

Other Events

Cover OPBS Forum Magazine - January 1996
Prints sold on National TV - Shopping Network

Eugene, OR  
Beaverton, OR
Portland, OR  
Portland, OR
Bend, OR
Portland, OR
Bend, OR
Florence, OR

Eugene, OR
London, England
Guildford, England
Lake Oswego, OR
Welch, OR
Bend, OR
Portland, OR

    Robert M Lanzarotta
    (360) 546-3454

Eugene, OR
London, England

If you would like information about a painting or clock, please email me and I will
get right back to you.  If you found that you own one of my paintings that are on
the archive page I would also like to here from you.  

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